Monday, May 16, 2011

Question about research

I've been getting some really good questions over email. I'll post questions here in the future if I think they may be helpful to others. Naturally, everything is anonymous...

Q: I have applied for summer research and I will have an interview with Scripps Translational Science Institute this Thursday. I wonder what your experiences in research? Have you done research on genomics and bioinformatics. I would be appreciative if you can give me some insights and suggestions on how to better prepare for the interview.

A: It's very difficult to answer your question without knowing more details. "Bioinformatics" and "genomics" encompasses a huge field. It's new and fun, and very diverse an area. I would say a good place to start is to contact the person you'd be working for/with and ask them for some reading in preparation for your interview. Comb through a few recent PubMed reviews and find one or two cool things to talk about. The absolute WORST thing would be if you mention something without understanding it. Always assume the other person is the world expert on whatever you're talking about. In most cases it is most important to appear intelligent, interested and hard-working. Good luck!
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