Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SpacedEd: Love This Resource


I discovered SpacedEd in physiology: our course instructor suggested we use it to keep up with the course. But it offers so much more! I'm signed up for Chest Radiology I/II, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Neurology and many others. Chest Radiology courses are really great. Every day I get 5-10 case-based questions to answer. It takes me only 10-15 minutes, but the cases are so much fun! There is a handy edition for the iPhone, which is available for free (no software download is required).


  1. Hello :)

    First of all, this is an incredible blog! Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

    I had a few questions about applying to Harvard Med; could I please email you about them?


  2. Absolutely!

  3. Hi Polina, thanks for the spaceded.com link! It's helping a lot, I'm an undergrad looking to go to med school.

  4. Your blog rocks!

  5. Hi Polina, awesome blog! If you like Spaced Learning you should check out Gunner Training! It was started by Harvard Resident's and I'm the current CEO. If you are interested in working with us let me know; we are always looking for great people to join our little (but rapidly growing!) family! :) My email: ben @ gunnertraining.com

  6. Hi!
    I find your blog so helpful and insightful!I can't believe I found it at random!
    I'm currently an undergrad in the USA and am applying to med school soon.
    I was wondering if I could email you with some questions?


  7. Hi Polina,

    I found your blog very intriguing. It is a great perspective of life in Medical School in the US. I am personally a Medical Student myself, albeit halfway across the world in Singapore. I am still halfway through Year 1 so I am relatively new, but I would like to make your acquaintance for possible future sharing of information and resources. I am currently reading Undergraduate Medicine in the National University of Singapore, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. Thank you for your time.

    Yours Sincerely,
    Jonathan Gerard Seow

    Email: fourj777@gmail.com

    P.S. In case of future contact should I use your Harvard email or do you have a personal email that you would rather I send to? Thanks.

  8. Hi Polina,
    I think i have read your blog multiple times in the past few days that even my friends have noticed how often im on here :)

    I was just wondering (like your other legions of fans) if I could email you a few questions re: applying to Medical school?

    Cheers and Best wishes,
    Sydney, Australia

  9. Hello
    I'm a medical student in my third year in England. This is such a good resource and i'm so glad that you shared it with others. Thank you very much! And good luck with everything.

    Nina x

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  11. hey! I'm a med student too in my second year. Any tips for Pharmacology?
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