Sunday, September 27, 2009

Four weeks later...

I just can't believe how busy it is... I haven't had a time to write at all. I'm taking a final exam in biochemistry in a week, and then I'm starting Human Anatomy. Weeks go by so quickly and the work load is intense, but I love it! Two days ago I performed my first ever injection on a person - I attended a flu vaccination training and the nurses let us practice with saline on each other.


  1. Closer to five weeks than four weeks, by the way.

  2. more blog entries pls :)

  3. sorry guys!!! it's been pretty busy lately, but more entries coming soon!

  4. Polina,
    Your blog is AMAZING! Gives me a new appreciation for my doctors when I visit them. I hope you are keeping all these blogs in some permanent place on your computer. I see a future best selling book in them.


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