Monday, June 1, 2009

Vaccinations for Medical School

Official vaccination records are due at HMS health office by June 15th. They want to know that you've had all of your required vaccinations, a recent TB test, and a blood titer to prove that you actually have antibodies to that stuff you were vaccinated for. I wish I knew this at least a year in advance because it's hard to get all of this stuff done in a month :(

But I suppose it's a good thing that the school is so strict about vaccinations (most schools would accept mere records of vaccination without requiring expensive antibody tests) since I'll be working in a hospital for a long time and will likely become exposed to lots of nasty diseases. Next week I'm marching into my doc's office, armed with twelve forms that have to be filled out and signed by him.

I just finished all of my vaccinations for medical school (06/11/2009). Because HMS requires that you prove you have antibodies (a record of vaccinations is not enough, this is not like college) it took me a month and a half and three visits to the health center to get everything ready. Make sure that you budget enough time to finish this part, you need to do this with your physician!

Required immunizations:
Hepatitis B
Chickenpox (varicella) - record of disease is not sufficient
Meningoccal vaccine
Tetanus-diphtheria booster - fresh one is required every 10 years
Fresh TB test
Polio (optional)

Plan on three visits with your primary care physician: 1) go over the paperwork, figure out what's missing 2) do the blood titer and wait for results 3) finish going over the paperwork with your primary care physician and get his signatures on every page.

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