Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HMS Labcast

I really like this website:
It has wonderful fun material on the latest and greatest research at the medical school!

Here is a few questions that were featured in episode 9 "How To Make a Doctor". They came from regular Bostonians who were curious about what it is they teach to students at the medical school? I thought these would be good questions to think about how to connect with people (your patients and your interviewers):

Q: How do medical schools teach doctors compassion?
Q: Are you teaching doctors people skills?
Q: Are you teaching students communication and compassion skills?
Q: How do you get students to see life as a process of learning?
Q: Considering the vast amount of information out there, what should the students be learning?

To help medical students address these questions, Harvard medical school encourages students to undertake an independent project, whether in the laboratory or in global health, or community health. These is talk that in a few years becoming engaged in a project like this would become a requirement for Harvard medical school students. Yale medical school students are already required to write a research thesis in order to graduate.

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